Prior Design Products

Exclusive Aerodynamics & Wheels | Made in Germany


PRIOR Design North America specializes in the distribution and installation of exclusive aerodynamics, exclusive alloy wheels, custom bespoke interiors, high-quality exhaust systems and performance upgrades.

Our company is known for its broad range of products & vehicle modifications that meet the highest quality standards. Our core business is to deliver exclusively designed aerodynamic parts & forged wheels. We offer tailor-made products & modifications for the top marques in luxury and exotic vehicles.

Thanks to our worldwide Authorized Dealer Network we offer the top quality products, installation and customer service to our clientele around the world.  Over the years, PRIOR DESIGN has built a strong reputation for design, quality and reliability. Our products and services are recognized as world class and among the best in the industry. 

With the main US headquarters in Arizona, we also offer the possibility to pickup any aerodynamic parts on site. We can also offer painting and installation of all parts on your vehicle or we can direct you to one of our Authorized Installers near you. 


  • Full Vehicle Customization
  • Installation Service
  • Vehicle Acquisition
  • Vehicle/Build Financing
  • Distribution & Wholesale

If you have any questions about our services, contact us via our CONTACT FORM.

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